Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Updates to Immigration Regulations and Practices, December 2013

1. New visa types related to our clients

The S visa, or private affairs visa, is a brand new category for family members of those employed in China. Family members include spouses, parents, children under 18, and parents’ in-law. This visa is split into two categories, a S1 visa for long-term stays and a S2 visa for short term stays. The private affairs visa is also applicable for those needing to reside in Beijing for personal affairs.

One major redesign in the new visa laws includes the distinction between a non-business F visa and the business M visa. In the past, the F visa was the sole business visa designation; the M category did not exist. Under the new regulations, F visas are for foreigners who come to China, for exchange, visit, or inspection. M visas will be issued for those coming for business or commercial activities. 

Visa Type
Employment visa For those working in China
Private affairs visa For family members of those employed in China
Non-business visa For non-business exchanges and visits
Business visa For those engaging in business and trade activities
Professional in short supply visa For those who are highly skilled professionals or whose skills are urgently needed by China

2. Work permit and Residence permit renewal in Beijing and Shanghai

Work permit (WP) renewal: 1 working day in Beijing, 3 working days in Shanghai
Residence permit (RP) renewal: 15 working day in Beijing, 7 working days in Shanghai (instead of previous 5 working day)
It’s regulated by the PSB that the RP renewal application should be submitted before the 30 days of the expiry. And the WP renewal now can be submitted within 60 days before expiry. So far there is no punishment or fine if the RP will be extended within the 30 days before expiry, but it will affect the personal credit record at the PSB.  Regarding the detailed implementation of the credit record, the PSB is still working on it.

3. Marriage certificate and Birth certificate for family

PSB suggested the applicant to apply for the legalization at the Chinese Embassy in home country, the original legalization will be required for the renewal in 2014, and however, it's unsure when it will take effect

4. PSB receipt for travelling

The PSB has started to use the new version of the visa application receipt, which the applicant’s picture is printed on the receipt. Practically it can be used to travel by train, and potentially by flight with some airline companies in mainland China. However, so far there is no official confirmation by any government authorities/airport that the PSB regarding the receipt.


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